Perseverative, Obsessive & Upsetting Behaviors

These behavior stories may benefit your students.  They can be downloaded, saved and edited to suit your needs.  The * notation indicates the story is  formatted in a Power Point presentation and the ** notation indicates a Power Point with sound narration.  Each Power Point has animation included on each slide.  Some occur automatically – some occur on a “click”.  Feel free to send comments or questions to


Don’t Be Bothered by Little Things

Hair Pulling

It’s OK

My Fingers

Someone is Crying

When Things Go Wrong*

Writing with a Pencil


Sticky Thinking

Sticky Thinking*

When there is an Emergency*

Be Gentle with Babies

Bugs and People’s Personalities

Flushing Toilets

Getting Better

My Letters Don’t Have to be Perfect


Everybody Thinks Differently

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