Addressing Sleep Troubles in a New Bedroom for your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Moving into a new home or a new city can be stressful for anyone. For a child with autism spectrum disorder, this change can be particularly anxiety-provoking. Preparing your child in advance may help them manage their anxiety. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares a few tips to reduce the stress of … Read More

Wraparound Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


The Watson Institute strives to provide a full range of special education programs and psychological services to students with special needs – and their families. In the psychological services department, a variety of service options are available – such as wraparound services for children with autism spectrum disorder. What are wraparound services? Wraparound services are … Read More

Students with Special Needs Learn Pre-Vocational Skills


Students with special needs at the Watson Institute are provided with opportunities to prepare them for the special education transition that occurs post-graduation. In a recent post we shared that our students with special needs at the Education Center Sewickley designed and sold holiday cards as a fundraising activity which also served as a life … Read More

Special Education Tool – Getting Ready in the Morning with Mini-Schedules

Morning routines can be difficult for most teens. For your child with special needs, try easing the morning process by using a mini-schedule. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares how to use a mini-schedule to help your child with special needs get ready in the morning. Identify motivating toys, activities or foods … Read More

Special Education – Teaching Early Request Training

Communication limitations in students with special needs can sometimes pose challenges when requesting items in the classroom or at home. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares strategies for teaching students with special needs with communication limitations how to make verbal requests using prompts and positive reinforcements. Complete a reinforcer checklist to identify … Read More

Helping Children with Special Needs Manage the Holidays

The holiday season can bring about changes in schedules, the lessening of familiar routine structure and often celebrations that include group family events and/or visitors to the home. These situations can pose challenges and increase anxiety in children with special needs. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares strategies for reducing holiday stressors … Read More

Special Education Students Holiday Cards for Sale


The Watson Institute Education Center Sewickley strives to provide learning opportunities for students with special needs to develop important life skills and pre-vocational skills that will help their special education transition post-graduation. In addition to these important life skills, is the opportunity for students at the special education school to learn about giving back to … Read More

Grief Loss Counseling for Children


Grief can be difficult for children, particularly during the holiday season. The Watson Institute recognizes Children’s Grief Awareness Day, which seeks to bring attention to the fact that support and grief counseling for children can often make a positive impact in the life of a child grieving a loss. At Watson, we provide comprehensive psychological … Read More