Special Education Transition Tips for Educators


As many special education professionals know, transitions can be difficult for children with special needs. Adjusting to the back to school schedule can be challenging for students, their families and certainly special education teachers and support staff. The Watson Institute’s special education consultants have developed special education transition tips for educators to help you prepare … Read More

Teaching Children with Autism – TEACCH


The Watson Institute strives to provide high-quality special education, not only for the students who receive services, but also for our staff. Each year, Watson hosts a week-long seminar in collaboration with staff from Division TEACCH (Teaching, Expanding, Appreciating, Collaborating, Cooperating, Holistic), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which provides resources and instructs educators on … Read More

Teaching Children with Special Needs using Technology


Watson’s special education teachers and instructional aides utilize a variety of special education technologies when teaching children with special needs. Technologies such as communications devices, SMART Boards and iPads are easily adapted to meet each student’s individualized educational needs. iPads in Special Education Classrooms In this modern age of technology, Watson’s students are proving that … Read More

Special Education Technology in Classroom Learning


The Watson Institute’s special education teachers and instructional aides create high-quality learning environments in the classrooms, adapting daily activities to meet each students’ needs. One of the many ways Watson staff adapt to the students’ needs is through utilization of special education technology in the classrooms – such as smart boards, iPads, and iPad apps. … Read More

Special Education School Programs – A Year in Review

Kids in a classroom

With its many special education school programs, the Watson Institute wants to proudly ‘brag-on’ the many student accomplishments over this past school year. This has been an exciting year for the Watson Institute! In September 2015, we broke ground on the site where our brand new Education Center South will be opening in South Fayette … Read More

Support for the Family of Children with Special Needs

Hurt Family

At the Watson Institute, in addition to providing high quality special education and support services to our students, many of whom have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, neurological impairment, or developmental disability, we also work to support the family unit as a whole. Stacy Hurt, mother of Emmett, a student at the Watson Institute’s Education Center, recently shared … Read More

Art Helps Students with Behavior Disorders

Art Helps Students with Behavior Disorders

Thirteen students at the Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy, a special education school serving students with behavior disorders and emotional challenges, were recently given the opportunity to express their hopes and dreams for the future through an art project. Working in collaboration with Sean Beauford, the Art Curator at Studio AM in Garfield, the students were … Read More

Request for Food Service Management Proposals

Legal Notice – Attention: Food Service Management Companies The Watson Institute is requesting proposals for school food service management services. The Food Service Management Company will provide management services according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and guidelines, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Education policies and guidelines. Food Service Management Companies … Read More