Pairing with Reinforcement for Students with Special Needs

Do you have a student with special needs in your class with whom you’d like to form a positive relationship? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson experts share information about the pairing with reinforcement strategy to teach your student appropriate behaviors and help you form a bond with him/her. Identify reinforcers (items/activities that your student … Read More

Special Education Strategies to Build Confidence in School

Do you have a student who struggles with confidence in his/her ability to complete assignments in school? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson experts share how to use behavioral momentum to help build your student’s confidence to complete assignments that he/she may deem challenging. Behavioral momentum is a strategy designed to build a student’s momentum … Read More

Acknowledging Task-Related Distress for Students with Special Needs

Do you have a student that gets very anxious or exhibits difficult behaviors when he/she becomes overwhelmed by school work or a challenging activity? If your student is frustrated by a challenging task or activity and expresses their frustrations verbally or through behaviors, instead of contradicting your student’s protestations, acknowledge that the task may be … Read More

Developing Emotional & Social Skills Through Charitable Activities


At the Watson Institute’s special education schools, staff work with our students to ensure they are meeting their educational goals as outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Staff also highlight the importance of helping students with special needs develop and expand their emotional and social skills through service learning. Over the past few months, … Read More

Using a Special Education Consequence Flow Chart

Do you have a student or child that has difficulty understanding how their behaviors affect those around him/her? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson experts explain how to use a consequence flow chart to illustrate how a child’s adverse behaviors affect their relationships with classmates, friends, and family members. Create a simple flow chart template … Read More

Special Education School Book Fair


The Watson Institute Education Centers in Sewickley and Bridgeville are hosting in person and online Book Fairs this week, running through Friday, October 20, 2017. Shop now on the online storefront for either location! The online book store will stay open until Friday! Education Center Sewickley:  Education Center South: The Book Fairs will also be … Read More