Art Project Helps Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges

Hannah Timm, the art teacher at Friendship Academy, is always looking for new ways to engage her students, many of whom face emotional and behavioral challenges. When she was approached by The Andy Warhol Museum to participate in a pilot program for children with special needs, she was immediately interested. Watson Board of Trustees member, … Read More

Special Education Transition for Friendship Academy Students

As part of Watson’s goal to prepare students for the special education transition post-graduation, Rebecca Muntean was added to the Community Based Vocation team at Friendship Academy. In this role, she is able to utilize her experience as an instructional aide working with students with behavioral and mental health challenges at the school. Becca wanted … Read More

Special Education Strategies: Alternatives to Missing Recess

Do you have a student who struggles with task completion? Is recess or play period withheld as a punitive action until their work is completed? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson suggests alternatives to withholding recess or play time for students who struggle with task completion in class. Studies show the importance of recess/play for students’ … Read More

Watson’s 6th Annual Prom Celebration


Students with special needs at the Watson Institute’s Education Centers in Sewickley and Bridgeville recently dressed to impress in preparation for the 6th annual Prom. The Prom, a tradition for many high school students, started at Watson in 2011 when Katie Patterson, Program Coordinator at the Education Center Sewickley, along with a few other staff members decided … Read More

Watson Institute Celebrates National Volunteer Week

In the words of Elizabeth Andrew, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.” In celebration of National Volunteer Week, the Watson Institute is sharing the stories from student volunteers in our CareBreak respite program, to recognize the amazing individuals who dedicate their time and efforts to helping children with special … Read More

Special Education: Adding Structure to Reduce Problem Behaviors

Does your child with special needs exhibit difficult to manage or challenging behaviors? Consider adding structure to your child’s routine to help reduce problem behaviors. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson shares ideas to add structure to help your child with special needs reduce difficult or inappropriate behaviors. Create an area in the room for … Read More

Addressing Shoe Challenges for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson shares strategies for dealing with common sensory challenges in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: wearing shoes on the bus. Consider purchasing a pair of comfortable slippers your child can wear on the bus. You could encourage your child to help pick out the pair of slippers so they have … Read More