Child Behavioral Health & Neuropsychology Testing


Diagnostic Assessments & Psychological/Neuropsychological Tests for Children At the Watson Institute, we provide services to children with special needs and a wide variety of diagnoses such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Watson’s behavioral health services include a wide array of diagnostic assessments and testing for children up to the age of … Read More

Special Education Teaching: Spirit Beads Social Strategy

Do you sometimes feel that the students in your special education classroom are isolated from other students in their school? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson explains how to use spirit beads as a strategy to promote social interactions and communication for students with special needs and their peers. Create a color-coded pattern template for … Read More

Therapy Services for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs

therapist and student at table

The Watson Institute provides a full range or psychological services for children and adolescents with special needs and their families. In the psychological services department, outpatient behavioral health services for children with special needs such as individual and social skills group therapy are provided. What therapy services are available for my child with special needs? … Read More

Addressing Sleep Troubles in a New Bedroom for your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Moving into a new home or a new city can be stressful for anyone. For a child with autism spectrum disorder, this change can be particularly anxiety-provoking. Preparing your child in advance may help them manage their anxiety. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares a few tips to reduce the stress of … Read More

Wraparound Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


The Watson Institute strives to provide a full range of special education programs and psychological services to students with special needs – and their families. In the psychological services department, a variety of service options are available – such as wraparound services for children with autism spectrum disorder. What are wraparound services? Wraparound services are … Read More

Students with Special Needs Learn Pre-Vocational Skills


Students with special needs at the Watson Institute are provided with opportunities to prepare them for the special education transition that occurs post-graduation. In a recent post we shared that our students with special needs at the Education Center Sewickley designed and sold holiday cards as a fundraising activity which also served as a life … Read More