Special Education Strategies Which Address Purposeful Spitting

Do you have a student with special needs who deliberately spits? In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson experts share strategies to address purposeful spitting with your student. It is important to distinguish if your student is drooling or spitting. Drooling or difficulty keeping saliva in the mouth may be the result of a physical or … Read More

Special Education Classroom Calming Corner

Do you have a student with special needs who experiences meltdowns or tantrums when they are having difficulty with a certain classroom activity? In this week’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson educational experts share information on creating a calming corner in your classroom for students with special needs who struggle with remaining calm. A classroom calming corner … Read More

Special Education School Partners with Hundred Acres Manor

Today is the opening day at Hundred Acres Manor, a local haunted attraction in South Park. This haunting season, the Watson Institute will be partnering with Hundred Acres Manor in multiple ways to be a beneficiary of funding to support our special education schools and programs. The Watson Institute’s special education schools serve students with … Read More

Special Education Student Transitions to School District

At the Watson Institute’s special education schools, our primary objective is to help our students achieve their goals as outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For many students, the goal is that they will progress enough to transition back to, and attend, their home school district with special education supports. Over the summer, special … Read More

Art Project Helps Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges

Hannah Timm, the art teacher at Friendship Academy, is always looking for new ways to engage her students, many of whom face emotional and behavioral challenges. When she was approached by The Andy Warhol Museum to participate in a pilot program for children with special needs, she was immediately interested. Watson Board of Trustees member, … Read More

Special Education Transition for Friendship Academy Students

As part of Watson’s goal to prepare students for the special education transition post-graduation, Rebecca Muntean was added to the Community Based Vocation team at Friendship Academy. In this role, she is able to utilize her experience as an instructional aide working with students with behavioral and mental health challenges at the school. Becca wanted … Read More