Psychological Services for Children with Special Needs

The Watson Institute provides a number of comprehensive mental health  and psychological services for children with special needs. Traditionally known for our expertise in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), our services have expanded to address a broad array of emotional and behavioral disorders. The multidisciplinary team is composed of caring licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists who meet the needs of children and their families, utilizing a community and family-focused approach that enables children with special needs to reach their full potential.

Is my child autistic?

Parents want answers right away from qualified professionals when they are concerned with their child’s development or behaviors. Watson’s professional staff attempt to address the family’s questions as soon as possible and help them connect with any needed service agencies. Learn more about the evaluations and psychological testing services available.

What are Wraparound Services?

Wraparound services are intensive in-home or community-based therapeutic intervention services intended to augment educational intervention and other available services and to provide support to families.  Wrap around services refer to the notion of supplementing traditional service offerings with those specific to a child and family – or “wrapping” additional services around more traditional services to provide necessary support to families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learn more about the Watson Institute’s approach to wraparound services.

What Other Autism Therapy Services are Available?

The Watson Institute offers a variety of therapy services for children with autism and related special needs in both individual and group settings.

The Social Skills Therapy Groups at Watson use cognitive-behavioral interventions, making use of the strengths of the children and teens to teach them to compensate for their weaker areas. The groups meet weekly for ninety-minute sessions, allowing time for social skills training and to practice new skills.

The Individual Therapy Program at Watson is part of SCAFFOLD – Services for Children with Autism and Families – Facilitating Outpatient Learning and Development. Individual therapy sessions usually take place one-on-one between a therapist and the client but may also include the parents, depending on the child’s special needs.

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