Outpatient Diagnostic Assessments

As part of our Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, the Watson Institute offers comprehensive diagnostic assessments and psychological/neuropsychology testing for children and adolescents up to the age of 21. Testing and diagnostic assessments can be provided when the family or the primary care physician has concerns about the child’s development and/or behavioral.

Is your child missing developmental milestones? Have you noticed any of the following unusual behaviors in your child?

  • Exhibits difficult behaviors
  • Struggles to deal with emotions
  • Has trouble socializing with peers
  • No speech or delayed speech
  • Has obsessive interests
  • Is fearful or worries frequently

Having any of the behaviors does not mean a child has a behavioral health diagnosis such as an anxiety disorder, Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder; only that you should consider a diagnostic assessment. Our licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists will work with you through each step of the evaluation process, providing recommendations for mental or behavioral health services that may help your child.

Diagnostic Assessments

The Watson Institute’s team of outpatient behavioral and mental health experts provide an array of diagnostic testing and evaluation services to help assess your child’s behaviors. Diagnostic assessments and psychological/neuropsychological testing services include:

  • Cognitive/IQ
  • Executive functioning/working memory
  • Social functioning
  • Adaptive functioning
  • Attention measures
  • Parent and teacher rating scales
  • Memory and learning assessments
  • Social emotional functioning
  • Personality assessments

The majority of mental and behavioral health tests and evaluations are covered by insurance.

Outpatient diagnostic assessments and psychological/neuropsychological evaluations and testing are offered at our Sewickley, Bridgeville, Sharpsburg, and Friendship locations and can include:

  • Initial diagnostic evaluations when a developmental, emotional or behavioral concern is suspected
  • Periodic re-evaluations due to changes in behaviors or new behaviors
  • Wraparound evaluations and re-evaluations
  • Neuropsychological and psychological testing services to address specific strengths, weaknesses and learning styles
  • Visits to address specific concerns

To ensure a productive first appointment, please complete the following intake packet:

Behavioral Health Services Intake Packet

Medication Evaluation Intake Packet

Background Questionnaire

*Please complete the background questionnaire within 24 hours of making your appointment send the completed form to:

Watson Institute

c/o Behavioral Health Services Intake Department

301 Camp Meeting Road

Sewickley, PA 15143