Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program

What is the EITC Program?

Through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, a qualified businesses can make a donation to the Watson Institute and receive tax credits equal to a percentage of their gift.

The Watson Institute is an approved Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) and an approved Scholarship Organization (SO) in the EITC program. Gifts through the EIO program enable Watson to provide community-based services to students with special needs in school districts throughout the region.  Gifts through the SO allow Watson to offer scholarships to students in our Behavior Support Academy (WIBSA) and our School-based Cyber Academy (WISCA) who have considerable behavior challenges, but for whom their team feels, with intense behavioral support for a relatively short period of time, would be able to return to a classroom in their home school district.  These two programs are not subsidized by state funds and are eligible under EITC scholarship guidelines.

Is your Company Eligible?

A company is eligible to donate to Watson through EITC if the company pays one of the following taxes:

Corporate Net Income Tax

Capital Stock Franchise Tax

Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax

Title Insurance Companies Share Tax

Insurance Premiums Tax

Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development determines the eligibility of businesses as well as educational improvement organizations.

What Steps Must a Company Take to Participate in EITC?

A company interested in giving to the Watson Institute through the EITC program must complete an application form. The form is available by calling the Department of Community and Economic Development at (717) 787-7120 or on the PA Department of Economic Development’s website.

When should a company apply?

Both new and renewing EITC business participants receive approval on a first-come, first served basis. When the tax credits given to organizations equals the maximum allowed to be credited for the year, the Department of Community and Economic Development  will close the EITC opportunity until the following year.

First-time applicants can apply any time.

Renewing applicants may re-apply on May 15.

For More Information

Please contact Watson’s Development Coordinator at (412) 749-2851 or via email.

Thank You!

The Watson Institute whole-heartedly thanks you for your contributions through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program. Your donations allow Watson to support students with special needs in the public school setting.