Classroom Tools

Description: Classroom Tools are resources for teachers and others serving students on the autism spectrum or students with other identified disorders. The tools are suggestions for IEP development, behavior and sensory issues, social interaction and the environment. The tools provided are based on research and more than thirty years of experience of the Watson teachers and consultants.

Internet Resources

Description: A collection of websites with information to help children with special needs.

Setting Up a Structured Classroom

Description: Suggestions, guidelines and resources to set up a structured special education classroom.

Social Skills Powerpoint Curriculum

Description: Social Power Points were developed in response to recent social research in the field of autism spectrum disorders, the difficulties these students have with writing skills, the need for curriculum for students at the middle and high school level, and decreased planning time afforded to educators. In addition, staff at The Watson Institute including consultants, social workers, psychologists, and teachers shared their observations from years of work in the field and research settings to determine a medium that would meet the needs they viewed as important to students with social challenges.

Social Stories

Description: Social stories were designed to teach appropriate behaviors for children with special needs. They have been developed by Watson Institute consultants and public school teachers. Stories can be adapted to suit individual needs. Some behavior stories include spaces to add photographs or clip art.

Speech Therapy Core Vocabulary Lessons

Description: Using core vocabulary (high frequency words) can be fun. These stories and activities are creative ways to introduce and use core vocabulary in lesson plans.