Special Education Training & Consultation Services

The Watson Institute has been providing special education services and supports for children with special needs for over 100 years. An essential component of Watson’s model is to provide other educators with the tools to support their work in the classroom. Watson’s strength lies not only in our special education of students with special needs but in our ability to translate that programming into school district-specific training and consultation for their educational professionals.

Special Education Consultants Supporting Educators

Watson partners with school districts across the tri-state region to ensure that they have the skills to better educate students with learning and behavioral challenges in their classrooms. Through special education training services tailored to meet the needs of each school or district, Watson’s team of special education consultants supports educators through training and consultation to increase their comfort level with students with special needs.

The Watson Institute Approach to Training & Consultation:

Student-Focused Consultation

  • Assist with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Positive Behavior Support Plan development.
  • Observation of students with educational or behavioral challenges within a variety of settings to offer solutions to the educational team.

Classroom-Focused Consultation

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intensive teaching practices.
  • Classroom observations that provide recommendations to educators with students in a variety of settings.
  • Provide and teach:
    • Development and effective use of the classroom environment
    • Effective instructional strategies
    • Positive behavior guidance
    • Promotion of social interaction and social skills training
    • Effective strategies for communication
    • Strategies for monitoring IEP goals and objectives
    • Effective teaming strategies

District-Focused Consultation

  • Extensive in-service training and workshops for special educators and paraprofessionals as well as school faculty district-wide.

School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Programs

  • Watson offers the PBIS model, a nationally recognized program with a focus on creating and maintaining a positive school climate. This evidence-based framework emphasizes a preventative approach to minimize school disciplinary problems.

Watson Institute Training & Consultation Services Flyer

Learn more about the Watson Institute’s Training and Consultation Services by calling Marcia Laus, at 412-749-2860 or e-mailing at [email protected]