Social Skills to Give Compliments

A poster hanging on the wall with pull tabs offering up free compliements.

Giving compliments is an important social skill that can help strengthen relationships, build trust, and enhance positivity in social interactions. Here are some tips on how to give effective compliments:

  • Be sincere: Compliments should come from a genuine place. People can often tell when a compliment is insincere or forced, so make sure that you truly mean what you say.
  • Be specific: Compliments that are specific are more meaningful and memorable than general ones. Instead of saying “you look nice,” try saying something like, “I really like your shirt, the color suits you well.”
  • Be generous: Showering someone with too many compliments at one time can make each compliment feel less sincere. Give compliments when you mean it – it can make someone else feel special! 
  • Monitor your tone of voice: Delivering your compliment with a positive tone of voice ensures that the sentiment is received as you intend it. Be careful not to sound sarcastic or jealous when offering a compliment. 
  • Be polite and respectful: Compliments should be respectful and should NOT embarrass or offend the person receiving it. Be sure to compliment others about appropriate things such as their efforts on a school project or their sense of style. 

By practicing these tips, you can improve your social skills and become better at giving compliments. Remember that compliments are not just a way to make someone feel good, but also a way to strengthen your relationships and build trust with others! 

Are you looking for resources to teach your students about giving appropriate compliments to others? Check out this social skills learning module which includes PowerPoint presentations, activity guides, and more that explain in six easy steps how to offer a compliment to someone!

Author: Andee Morris, M.Ed.

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