Social Skills for Voice Volume in Conversation

two children pictured with colorful megaphones in hand

Conversation is the gateway to positive social interactions with peers. Help your students or child learn the social skills to moderate the volume, tone, and speed of their voice so they can have successful conversations! 

Teach these 5 tips for talking with others: 

  1. Check your breathing
  2. Vary the pitch of your voice to indicate whether you’re asking a question or making a statement 
  3. Check your speed -talking too fast can make it challenging for your peers to understand what you’re saying
  4. Check your volume- talking too quietly or too loudly can impact your conversations with others 
  5. Let others talk – taking turns is good for conversation 

Learn more about these tips and access a lesson module on this topic, complete with activity guides, a mini-schedule, and additional resources to teach your students or child about voice volume moderation in conversations.

Authored by: Andee Morris, M.Ed.

Powerpoint Presentation

Let’s Talk About Talking Facilitator’s Guide

Let’s Talk About Talking ppt

Resource Materials

Let’s Talk About Talking Mini Schedule

Let’s Talk About Talking Outline

Let’s Talk About Talking Parent Note

Let’s Talk About Talking Teacher Note

Let’s Talk About Talking Activity  

Let’s Talk About Talking Homework

Let’s Talk About Talking Magnet Cards

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