I Can Stress Less at School

Are you looking for resources to help your child or student manage stress? 

First, explain to your child or student what stress is and have a conversation about the various ways they may experience stress in their life. Not everyone experiences stress in the same way or has the same reaction to stress. Use these resources to teach your child or student ways to manage stress in a healthy way. 

Here are five tips for what your child can do when they experience stress:

  1. Ask for Help: sometimes we need help to get through difficult times, reach out to a trusted adult or friend for support
  2. Stay Calm: feelings of stress can be overwhelming; acknowledge how you’re feeling then turn to an activity or thought that helps you calm down
  3. Go Easy on Yourself: be kind to yourself, it’s okay to feel stressed!
  4. Try to Solve the Problem: once you are feeling calm, try to address the cause of your stress. You can’t fix everything, but with advice and support from your friends and family, you may be able to resolve one piece of the issue at a time.
  5. Stay Positive: take a deep breath and remind yourself that this will pass. Most stress is temporary! 

Power Point Presentations:

I Can Stress Less at School PowerPoint

I Can Stress Less at School Facilitator’s Guide

Resource Materials:

I Can Stress Less at School Outline

I Can Stress Less at School Mini Schedule

I Can Stress Less at School Magnet Cards

I Can Stress Less at School Parent Note

I Can Stress Less at School Teacher Note

This Week I May Try to Stress Less at School

Activity – Make Your Own Stress Ball

Activity – Progressive Muscle Relaxation Chart

Pre/Post Assessment

A pre and post lesson assessment is included in each lesson. Use of the assessment is an instructor preference.  Many of the ‘homework’ pages for a lesson can be used as a pre/post assessment device alone or as part of the provided assessment.  Each homework page can be checked by the instructor as well as the student.

Review all included pages of the lesson to determine what ‘assessment’ method will meet your needs.  If the student is able to achieve a + in the majority of items of the pre-assessment, or if the student has been observed to display the skill topic of the lesson often, then the lesson may not be introduced or can be taught with a group as review and/or reinforcement.

I Can Stress Less at School Pre/Post Assessment

This resource was authored by Watson Institute Special Education Consultant, Andee Morris, M.Ed. 

If you have questions or concerns about the Watson Institute’s use of this information, please contact us.