Social Skills for Asking for Help

Everyone needs help from time to time. Knowing how to ask for help and who to turn to in times of need are important social skills you can grow in your students or children. 

We suggest covering four key points when teaching students how to ask for help: 

  1. Figure out if you need help or if the issue at hand is something your student can resolve on their own.
  2. Think about who can help resolve the problem if assistance is needed. 
  3. Ask for help in an appropriate and respectful way. 
  4. Thank the person who has helped you! 

Not all problems require external help; knowing when to ask for assistance is just as important as knowing how to ask! If your student knows they cannot resolve an issue or has tried a solution that didn’t work, that would be a great time to ask for assistance from a teacher, their parents, a friend, or trusted adult. 

When asking for help, there are a few main points your student will want to cover:

  • check with the person to see if they are busy
  • when you approach them, say “excuse me” and ask if they have time to help
  • state the problem you are having and be specific about the kind of help you need 

Asking for help is commonplace, so your student shouldn’t feel ashamed or scared to ask for support when they need it. Teaching them appropriate ways to ask for help can relieve anxiety and stress they may have! Check out our additional social skills module resources to teach your student or child how to ask for help.

For educators and parents, these special education social skills resources on asking for help were authored by Watson Institute’s special education consultant, Andee Morris, M.Ed.

Power Point Presentations

I Can Ask for Help Power Point Presentation

I Can Ask for Help Facilitators Guide

Resource Materials

I Can Ask for Help Outline

I Can Ask for Help Teacher Note

I Can Ask for Help Parent Note

I Can Ask for Help Homework

I Can Ask for Help Mini Schedule

I Can Ask for Help Activity – Take a Stand or a Seat

I Can Ask for Help Activity Booklet

I Can Ask for Help Magnet Cards

Pre/Post Assessment

A pre and post lesson assessment is included in each lesson. Use of the assessment is an instructor preference.  Many of the ‘homework’ pages for a lesson can be used as a pre/post assessment device alone or as part of the provided assessment.  Each homework page can be checked by the instructor as well as the student.

Review all included pages of the lesson to determine what ‘assessment’ method will meet your needs.  If the student is able to achieve a + in the majority of items of the pre-assessment, or if the student has been observed to display the skill topic of the lesson often, then the lesson may not be introduced or can be taught with a group as review and/or reinforcement.

I Can Ask for Help Pre/Post Assessment

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