Social Skills Resources for School Bus Safety

In the U.S. many students ride a school bus to get to and from school every day. If not for daily transportation, students may also ride a bus to go on a school field trip. 

Teaching your child or student how to stay safe on the bus is important to ensure they start and end their days safely. 

Just like at school, there are rules students should follow when riding a bus! 

  1. Talk quietly – yelling and loud noises can disrupt the bus driver and your peers. Using a softer volume can ensure the bus driver is able to remain focused on the road and that your peers are able to enjoy the ride in a more peaceful environment. 
  2. Stay seated throughout the entire ride. Sitting in your seat while the bus is in motion protects you from falling over when the vehicle makes stops or turns. This will keep you and your peers safe from injury.  
  3. Don’t put anything out of the windows – that includes your arms, hands, head, pencils, articles of clothing, etc. You should also not throw anything out of the windows – that could strike another vehicle on the road, causing damage to the car or an accident. 
  4. Keep the aisle clear – keep your feet, legs, and bookbags inside of your seat so your peers don’t risk tripping over them as they navigate the aisle. It will also ensure that if there were an emergency situation, everyone could leave the bus in a timely manner! 
  5. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before exiting! If you leave your seat while the bus is still moving you risk falling over if it has to come to a sudden stop or suddenly makes a turn.

Watson’s educational experts created social skills resources in a teaching module to help teach students about school bus safety. Check out these resources and help your students learn social skills to keep them safe while riding the bus! 

The special education resources on this page were authored by Watson Institute’s special education consultant, Andee Morris, M.Ed.

Power Point Presentations

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Facilitator’s Guide

Resource Materials

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Mini Schedule

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Outline

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Parent Note

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Teacher Note

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Homework

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Magnet Cards

Bus Safety Skit

Bus Safety Principles Crossword Puzzle

Pre/Post Assessment

A pre and post lesson assessment is included in each lesson. Use of the assessment is an instructor preference.  Many of the ‘homework’ pages for a lesson can be used as a pre/post assessment device alone or as part of the provided assessment.  Each homework page can be checked by the instructor as well as the student.

Review all included pages of the lesson to determine what ‘assessment’ method will meet your needs.  If the student is able to achieve a + in the majority of items of the pre-assessment, or if the student has been observed to display the skill topic of the lesson often, then the lesson may not be introduced or can be taught with a group as review and/or reinforcement.

I Can Stay Safe on the School Bus Pre/Post Assessment

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