Using Data Sheets in Special Education to Measure IEP Goals

Data collection is a critical part of measuring students’ progress towards the goals outlined in their IEPs (Individualized Education Plan). There are a variety of ways to ensure that data collection is integrated into daily classroom routines and that all members of the students’ educational team are contributing to goal monitoring. 

Watson’s team of educational consultants are sharing their go-to data sheets to help track student behaviors as they work on their goals throughout the school day. 

The tools and templates include: 

  • Data responsibility chart – a weekly calendar that indicates each staff member who will be collecting data and which student they will observe.
  • Frequency ratings for instances of behavior which can be used to keep track of a set of specific behaviors the student is expected to exhibit 
  • A skill completion sheet in which the educator indicates a specific set of skills the student should exhibit and whether or not they do so during a particular session or timeframe
  • Goal rating sheet – a document that outlines multiple goals and offers a rating scale to indicate the students’ progress toward or understanding of each goal 

Try adapting one of these data sheets for your classroom or create your own template today!

This resource was authored by Watson Institute Special Education Consultant, Lisa Plastino, M.Ed.

Data Responsibility Chart Blank

Data Responsibility Chart Sample

Data Rating Sheet

Frequency Rating for Instances of Behavior

Multiple Goal Rating Sheet

Skill Completion Sheet

Trial Record

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