Three Reasons to Work at Watson this Summer

a Watson special education teacher working ESY extended school year over the summer with a student with disabilities.

As the seasons move closer to spring and warmer weather approaches, you may find your mind shifting to thoughts of summer. You might also be thinking about your summer employment […]

A Classroom Therapist’s Career Path Story

Classroom therapist seated at a table with laptop smiling at the camera.

As a former community monitor in juvenile probation (JP), Marino Swanson brings a unique perspective to his role as a Classroom Therapist at Friendship Academy. In fact, he learned of […]

From IA to IT – Unique Career Paths at Watson

Then and now comparison of Watson employee, Ryan Young, first pictured with a student when he was an aide in 1998 and now as the director of IT in 2023.

If you had asked Ryan Young when he was a high school graduate where his career would take him, he could not have imagined the path he would follow, leading […]

What Does a Behavior Technician Do at Watson?

female students hugs educational staff member while she laughs. both are smiling and happy in the classroom

If you’ve researched a career in special education you may have encountered openings for Behavior Technician jobs. You may be wondering, ‘what exactly does a behavior technician do?’ If so, […]

Staff Advances Career with Tuition Reimbursement Benefit

Behavior Technician staff member does a hand shake sign with a student with special needs in a classroom setting.

If you had asked Casey DelPercio when he first started working where he envisioned himself in ten years, he couldn’t have dreamed that he would hold a position at the […]

Tuition Reimbursement Benefit for Watson Employees

The Watson Institute values its workforce, and we demonstrate that by supporting the personal and professional growth of our employees. A component of the benefits package offered to full-time employees […]

Loan Forgiveness Programs for Watson Employees

Are your federal student loans weighing heavily on your mind? Have you ever imagined what you could do if you didn’t have loan payments to make every month? It’s time […]

Importance of Career Advancement Opportunities

If you’re considering a career in the special education field, you may be faced with a number of career opportunities in a variety of settings. Why should you consider a […]

What Makes an “All-Star” Teacher?

Educators play an integral role in the personal and academic development of youth. This past year in particular educators went above and beyond to ensure their students were still able […]

A Special Education Career with a Global Reach

If you’re looking for a rewarding special education career that will both challenge you and provide you with opportunities to learn and grow, look no further than the Watson Institute. […]