Preparing for Adulthood: A Student’s Story

Autistic student working in the kitchen at his part-time job.

Students at the Watson Institute begin preparing for adulthood early. Officially, transition curriculum starts at age 14, but activities and projects that help students develop the skills to succeed after […]

Preparing Students for Reintegration Transition

Student who is transitioning from Friendship to their home school district is posed in front of a dry erase board with her name pictured at a celebration for her accomplishment.

The Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy offers students struggling to manage their mental health the therapeutic support to achieve stability in school and at home. For many students, Friendship Academy is […]

WISCA Students Develop Vocational Skills for Employment

Two Watson Institute students prepare coffee orders for their in-school jobs.

Helping students prepare to transition into adulthood is an important tenet of the Watson Institute’s mission. Teaching vocational, life, and social skills can help students with autism and other exceptionalities […]

A Student’s Special Education Transition Story

At the Watson Institute, special education transition services help prepare our students to make the transition into adulthood after graduation or to transition smoothly back to their school district. We […]

Special Education Student Transitions to School District

At the Watson Institute’s special education schools, our primary objective is to help our students achieve their goals as outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For many students, the […]

Students with Special Needs Learn Pre-Vocational Skills

Students with special needs at the Watson Institute are provided with opportunities to prepare them for the special education transition that occurs post-graduation. In a recent post we shared that […]

Special Education Transition Preparation

At the Watson Institute, a recognized autism school in Western Pennsylvania, staff adapt curriculum for students with autism spectrum disorder and various special needs to ensure they are working toward […]

Special Education Transition Tips for Educators

As many special education professionals know, transitions can be difficult for children with special needs. Adjusting to the back to school schedule can be challenging for students, their families and […]

Special Education Transition Tips for Back to School

For many students with special needs, changes of any kind can be difficult. Starting at a new school, changing to a new classroom, getting a new teacher, and certainly the […]