Three Reasons to Work at Watson this Summer

a Watson special education teacher working ESY extended school year over the summer with a student with disabilities.

As the seasons move closer to spring and warmer weather approaches, you may find your mind shifting to thoughts of summer. You might also be thinking about your summer employment plans.

If you’re looking to work in special education, you’re in luck! The Watson Institute is hiring compassionate individuals to join our Extended School Year (ESY) teams!

Our schools for children with disabilities operate on a shortened summer schedule and are looking to fill current job openings for paraprofessionals / teacher aides and special education teachers at several of our locations!

What makes working in Watson’s ESY program so special? Keep reading for the top three reasons you should apply for a summer special education job at the Watson Institute!

1.Explore a career in special education and determine if Watson is right for you.

Are you considering a career path working in education, particularly with children with disabilities? Working at the Watson Institute during the summer offers valuable experience working in a special education classroom setting.

Special education teacher is reading to students with disabilities outside during the summer ESY program.

You’ll learn how classrooms are structured to meet each student’s individualized needs and how supports are provided to ensure students are progressing towards their goals.

Extended School Year is a great opportunity to discover if Watson is the right fit for you and to learn more about your career goals and interests in special education.

You don’t have to be studying education to have a meaningful experience working at the Watson Institute! We employ individuals with a variety of job focuses including psychology, counseling, occupational and physical therapy, speech language pathology, and nursing.

The experience you’ll gain working over the summer program at Watson can help guide you on your career path.

A student is pictured sitting on the ground of the playground smiling. In the background a student is being pushed in an adapted swing by a teacher.

2. Learn new skills working with experienced educators and professionals.

If this is your first time working in a special education school setting or you are newer to the field, ESY at Watson is a great opportunity to learn new skills or expand on existing knowledge.

Watson’s ESY programs are staffed by experienced educators, therapists, and support professionals who are happy to instruct newer staff members in the workings of the classrooms.

During ESY, you will gain exposure to a variety of classroom management styles, curriculum types, and adaptations for students with unique abilities.

If you’re still in school or newly graduated, this is an excellent opportunity to build on your skills in a supportive, and safe environment. Training is provided by Watson’s experienced classroom teams and hands-on support is always present throughout the school day.

3. ESY offers a fun, supportive work environment.

Because ESY takes place over the summer, the school days are shorter, but there is plenty of time to incorporate fun into each lesson! As an ESY teacher or aide, you’ll have the opportunity to create lessons and activities that combine academic and developmental goal work with fun summer themes! 

Teacher is sitting on the ground outside with students during the summer school program doing sensory activities.

On warm days, classrooms are often found outside engaging in learning activities that incorporate water play and the natural surroundings on our campuses. 

At the Watson Institute, our educational teams work hand-in-hand to provide a collaborative atmosphere in which newer members feel supported and engaged by both their peers and their supervisors. 
There are many other reasons why you should consider employment at the Watson Institute this summer. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Watson and apply for a summer special education job in our Extended School Year program today!