Three Reasons Why You Want a Summer Special Education Job at Watson!

As winter comes to a close and warmer weather approaches, your mind may be drifting to thoughts of summer time. You might also be considering a summer special education job working with children. If so, you’re in luck! The Watson Institute is hiring compassionate individuals to join our team of camp aides, site supervisors, special education teachers, and instructional aides.

What makes working at Watson so special? Keep reading for the top three reasons you want a summer special education job at the Watson Institute!

1.Explore working with children with special needs.

Have you considered working with children? At the Watson Institute, you’ll gain valuable experience working with children with special needs. Our summer jobs offer various settings in which to interact with our students.

You don’t have to be studying education to have a meaningful experience working at the Watson Institute! We employ individuals with a variety of job focuses.

You’ll gain valuable experience working in one of our special education summer programs that can help guide you on your career path!

2. Variety of Summer Employment Options!

At the Watson Institute, you have a variety of options for summer employment.

We offer a day camp experience at four locations in Allegheny County called Camp WISP. At WISP, children with autism spectrum disorder enjoy an inclusive summer camp program, giving them the opportunity to interact with their typical peers. As a Camp WISP aide, you are typically paired one-on-one with a child with special needs so you get great hands-on experience in a fun, active summer camp setting!

If you’re looking for a classroom-based summer job, we have positions in our ESY (Extended School Year) special education program at our four school locations! Whether you are just starting your career and are pursuing an Instructional Aide position or seeking a Special Education Teacher job – ESY gives you great experience working in a special education classroom.

At the Watson Institute, we have special education summer jobs for individuals at every level of experience.

3. Fun, supportive work environment.

The work atmosphere is an important consideration for many job seekers, especially those looking for summer employment. At the Watson Institute, we aim to create a caring work environment so our staff feel supported and engaged. Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from summer staff this past year:

“We had so much support!”

“I like how well all of the staff works together and works to benefit each other and the students.”

“My experience has been wonderful. Working with these students and staff, everyone is so caring and patient.”

“I loved working with the kids and learning about each of them and what makes them unique.”

There are many other reasons why you should consider employment at the Watson Institute this summer. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Watson and apply for a summer special education job today!