Talent Show Supports Art and Music Therapy in Special Education

Music Therapist, Jason Rafalak and intern Erika Kuhn perform with Friendship Academy students in Talent Show.

A group of the Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy students in grades 9-12 meet monthly to discuss school activities and events throughout the school year. This Student Government group had been discussing starting a Talent Show for the last two years and after months of planning this goal became a reality.

Friendship Academy students in grades 6-12 were invited to sign up to perform in the Student Government’s Talent Show. The students worked with Friendship Academy’s music therapist, Jason Rafalak and his intern, Erika Kuhn, to practice their performances in the weeks leading up to the show. Talents included singing, speed drawing, and several students played musical instruments, performing some of their favorite songs. A few courageous students performed solo, while other preferred to collaborate with their peers on their performance.

“It took so much courage for them to get up there to do their performances.” said Katelyn Schmidt, Student Government moderator and Social Studies Teacher at Friendship Academy. “This show has been in the works for about two years. It was the first ever Student Government Talent Show.”

Friendship Academy students, with emotional and behavioral challenges, participate in music and art therapy programs to help support their individualized special education goals. The Talent Show provided an outlet for these students to continue working on these goals and share their talents with their peers.

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