Special Education News & Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest special education news and updates from the Watson Institute. We include news, as well as stories and helpful information featuring our special education teachers, therapists, and mental health professionals and how they provide exceptional educational and supportive services to children with special needs. Also learn about our special education school programs and outpatient resources for children ages 3 to 21.

From IA to IT – Unique Career Paths at Watson

Then and now comparison of Watson employee, Ryan Young, first pictured with a student when he was an aide in 1998 and now as the director of IT in 2023.

If you had asked Ryan Young when he was a high school graduate where his career would take him, he could not have imagined the path he would follow, leading […]

Achieving Transition Goals Through School-Based Enterprise

three students with autism seated at a table together smiling at the camera while selling hot pretzels

Students with disabilities in the Cupples Center classrooms at the Education Center Sewickley work to build the skills necessary to prepare for their transition into adulthood. One of the ways […]

FAQs on Donor-Advised Funds

the letters F A Q in front of many colorful question marks

Chances are you may have heard the term “Donor-Advised Fund” or “DAF” and wondered what they are, and whether one might help you to achieve your financial goals. We’re here […]

Preparing Students for Reintegration Transition

Student who is transitioning from Friendship to their home school district is posed in front of a dry erase board with her name pictured at a celebration for her accomplishment.

The Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy offers students struggling to manage their mental health the therapeutic support to achieve stability in school and at home. For many students, Friendship Academy is […]

WISCA Students Develop Vocational Skills for Employment

Two Watson Institute students prepare coffee orders for their in-school jobs.

Helping students prepare to transition into adulthood is an important tenet of the Watson Institute’s mission. Teaching vocational, life, and social skills can help students with autism and other exceptionalities […]

What Does a Behavior Technician Do at Watson?

female students hugs educational staff member while she laughs. both are smiling and happy in the classroom

If you’ve researched a career in special education you may have encountered openings for Behavior Technician jobs. You may be wondering, ‘what exactly does a behavior technician do?’ If so, […]

Staff Advances Career with Tuition Reimbursement Benefit

Behavior Technician staff member does a hand shake sign with a student with special needs in a classroom setting.

If you had asked Casey DelPercio when he first started working where he envisioned himself in ten years, he couldn’t have dreamed that he would hold a position at the […]

Tuition Reimbursement Benefit for Watson Employees

The Watson Institute values its workforce, and we demonstrate that by supporting the personal and professional growth of our employees. A component of the benefits package offered to full-time employees […]