Special Education News & Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest special education news and updates from the Watson Institute. We include news, as well as stories and helpful information featuring our special education teachers, therapists, and mental health professionals and how they provide exceptional educational and supportive services to children with special needs. Also learn about our special education school programs and outpatient resources for children ages 3 to 21.

Loan Forgiveness Programs for Watson Employees

Are your federal student loans weighing heavily on your mind? Have you ever imagined what you could do if you didn’t have loan payments to make every month? It’s time […]

Using Educational Technology to Enhance Learning

At the Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy, students with mental and behavioral health challenges work with a team of experienced educational and psychiatric support professionals to achieve their academic, developmental, and […]

In-School Trauma Response Partnership

image of a school hallway with student artwork displayed on the walls

At the Watson Institute’s Friendship Academy, elementary, middle, and high school students face the same challenges that many of their peers face: pressures to fit in and to keep up […]

Educator FAQs about Teaching Sexual Education

In a conversation with Lisa Gooddell, M.A., founder and host of the Help for Special Educators podcast, Dr. Rachel Schwartz, BCBA-D, a Watson Educational Consultant, answers educators’ questions about teaching […]

EITC Supports Special Education Schools

At the Watson Institute, students with special needs ages 3 to 21 attend high quality special education schools which support them on the path to achieving their goals. We’re able […]

Importance of Career Advancement Opportunities

If you’re considering a career in the special education field, you may be faced with a number of career opportunities in a variety of settings. Why should you consider a […]

Teaching Body Autonomy to Children with Special Needs

Child with a physical disability seated in a wheelchair while a nurse wipes down her face.

In a previous article in which we discussed teaching privacy to individuals with special needs, we briefly touched on the topic of body autonomy. In this article, we go into more […]

Introducing Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

Beginning in January 2021, the mental health support commonly known as wraparound or BHRS (Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services) was replaced across Pennsylvania by a new program called Intensive Behavioral Health […]

What Makes an “All-Star” Teacher?

Educators play an integral role in the personal and academic development of youth. This past year in particular educators went above and beyond to ensure their students were still able […]