Special Education Transition from Home to School Bus

Transitioning from home to school and riding on the school bus can be challenging for some students with special needs.

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute explains how to use a transition bin to ease the transition from home to school if your child with special needs rides the bus.

As you’re preparing for your child to board the school bus, give your child the opportunity to choose a highly desired item from a transition bin. This motivator item can be used while your child waits for the bus and he/she will take it with them when they board the bus to school.

The items should be special interest items such as books, comics, toys, video games, action figures, or any other transportable items that will fit in a book bag and will not be easily lost. These items should only be made available for a limited time when your child is off the bus so they will remain good motivators for appropriate behaviors.

To learn more about using a transition bin to help ease your child’s transition from home to school, check out our YouTube video below. For more information about special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.