Special Education Tools: Preparing for Visitors

Changes to routine or schedules can be difficult for children with special needs. During the holiday season, many people have guests visiting their homes either for the day or for extended stays.

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares special education strategies to help you prepare your child with special needs for visitors.

  1. Create a simple behavior story that may include photos of the child and the visitor. Include choice of toys and activities that can be used with the visitor and allow the child to choose.
  2. Use a visual calendar or countdown to indicate when the visitor will arrive.
  3. Keep excitement levels low when guests arrive to prevent undue anxiety.
  4. As a visitor, if you are playing with the child with special needs, slowly hand items to the child and if he/she engages with you, start using shorter phrases to describe the play, using “your turn”.
  5. Use choices and high interest items in a calm and quiet setting to promote positive experiences for the child and the visitor.

To learn more about how to prepare your child with special needs for a visitor, check out our YouTube video below. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.