Special Education Tool to Teach Self-Monitoring

Do you have a student who needs continuous prompting to do their school work or follow along in class?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, learn how to use “Countoons”, a visual tool, to teach your students to self-monitor their behaviors and stay on task.

Countoons uses stick figures and picture icons to model the appropriate behavior that your student should be exhibiting and it also show the unacceptable behavior.

  1. Start by creating a simple visual Countoon with an icon for the inappropriate behavior, an icon with the appropriate behavior, an icon which depicts the reward your student can earn by practicing good behaviors and finally add a tracking measure such as smiley and frowny faces.
  2. Identify a motivating reward such as a favorite book, toy, or game that your student can earn by exhibiting good behaviors.
  3. Choose a specific time of day to implement this program, explaining and modeling to your student how the system will work.
  4. Start by setting the success criteria low to show your student that they can be successful early in the process, encouraging him/her to strive to meet their goal. Gradually increase the expectations as your student becomes proficient with the program.

Learn how to use Countoons to teach your student with special needs self-monitoring for challenging behaviors in the YouTube video below or by visiting the corresponding special education resource page. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.