Special Education: A New Approach to Skill Practice

Do you teach a particular skill set or subject matter with which your students are less engaged?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson shares a fun idea to help students approach skill practice: writing on desks!

If you are seeking to motivate your students to participate in a certain activity or task, one strategy is to provide them with an unexpected opportunity to participate. If your desks are laminate, allow your students to practice their activity by writing on their desks using dry erase markers!

Writing on dry erase boards is often beneficial for students as it provides a sensory input and independence, so being allowed to write on the desk is a great motivator for students.

Be sure to establish rules for your classroom and pass out the markers only when you are using this motivator for a particular activity or task.

To learn more about using the desks as a writing tool to motivate your students, check out our YouTube video below and visit the corresponding special education resource page. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.