Shaping Clothing Challenges for Children with Sensory Sensitivities

Do you have a child with sensory sensitivities who does not like to wear long pants? Does this become a concern during the winter months?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, learn how to shape your child’s clothing challenge and slowly acclimate him/her to wearing longer pants without discomfort.

  1. Start out by purchasing “zip off leg” pants. These types of pants typically have two or three length options.
  2. Allow your child to wear the pants with the legs completely zipped off so they are shorts length. Gradually increase the length of the pants by adding sections and rolling them up a little bit.
    • Be sure to reinforce your child’s wearing of the longer pants with a highly desired item or activity.
  3. Each time you increase the length of the pants, allow your child time to adapt to the difference in his/her clothing.
  4. Over time, you should be able to shape your child’s tolerance for wearing the long pants. Continue with positive reinforcement when your child wears the pants.

Learn more on how to shape your child’s tolerance for wearing long pants in the YouTube video below or by visiting the corresponding special education resource page. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.