Conversation Social Skills for Listening

Learning conversational skills is a critical part of having appropriate and effective social interactions with others. A main component of conversational skills is the ability to listen.  

If you are teaching your child or student about listening skills, be sure to include some of the below information and components of effective listening:

  • Make eye contact with the person speaking
  • Pay attention to what they are saying and think about what is being said
  • Wait your turn to respond – don’t interrupt – speak when they are finished speaking
  • Give feedback to show that you are listening

Role play scenarios may be helpful as you work with your child or students on conversational skills. Encourage them to practice the above skills while you or another student speaks.

If you are looking for additional resources to teach your child about listening skills in conversations, check out the “Listening” social skills PowerPoint module which includes activity guides, homework assignments, and mini-schedules.

The special education resources on this page were authored by: Andee Morris, M.Ed.

Powerpoint Presentation:

Conversation Skills: Listening

Resource Materials:

Conversation Skills: Listening Activity Sheet 1

Conversation Skills: Listening Activity Sheet 2

Conversation Skills: Listening Homework

Conversation Skills: Listening Mini Schedule

Conversation Skills: Listening Outline and Materials

Conversation Skills: Listening Parent Note

Conversation Skills: Listening Social Power Point Card

Conversation Skills: Listening Teacher Alert

Pre/Post Assessment

A pre and post lesson assessment is included in each lesson. Use of the assessment is an instructor preference.  Many of the ‘homework’ pages for a lesson can be used as a pre/post assessment device alone or as part of the provided assessment.  Each homework page can be checked by the instructor as well as the student.

Review all included pages of the lesson to determine what ‘assessment’ method will meet your needs.  If the student is able to achieve a + in the majority of items of the pre-assessment, or if the student has been observed to display the skill topic of the lesson often, then the lesson may not be introduced or can be taught with a group as review and/or reinforcement.

Conversation Skills: Listening Pre/Post Assessment

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