Student Summary Sheet for Special Education Teachers

Are you a special education teacher or teaching in a district in which you frequently receive new students in your classroom? Do you wish there was a concise way to gather information about your new student that would ensure a smoother transition?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson experts explain how a student summary sheet can help teachers transition students and share information with one another.

The student summary sheet is a way to condense pertinent information into a one page document that can be easily shared among teachers and relevant staff members who will interact with the student.

Information may include: relevant medical concerns, stressors/dislikes, action plan (for when behavior support is needed), preferred activities and interests, things the student may have issues with, and strengths/skills. You may also include additional fields that you find are relevant for the staff who will work with the student.

An example copy of the student summary sheet can be found on the corresponding special education resource page. Learn more about using this sheet to ensure a smooth transition for your student with special needs and visit Watson Life Resources for other special education tips and topics.