Addressing Sleep Troubles in a New Bedroom for your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Moving into a new home or a new city can be stressful for anyone. For a child with autism spectrum disorder, this change can be particularly anxiety-provoking. Preparing your child in advance may help them manage their anxiety.

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, the Watson Institute shares a few tips to reduce the stress of moving into a new home or bedroom to help your child with autism spectrum disorder sleep well.

  1. Use a behavior story to explain the upcoming change and what your child can expect in the new bedroom.
  2. Create a visual bedtime routine schedule that ends with a comforting activity before bedtime.
  3. Give directions at bedtime followed by a structured choice such as: “It’s time to brush your teeth. Would you like to use your yellow toothbrush or your green toothbrush?”
  4. Provide a familiar object from the child’s previous bedroom such as a pillow, stuffed animal or blanket.
  5. Check the new bedroom for sensory-based triggers such as noises, smells or bright lighting that may disrupt your child’s sleep.

To learn more about how to address sleep troubles in a new bedroom for your child with autism spectrum disorder, check out our YouTube video below. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.