Special Education Resources for Teams

The special education resources on this page were authored by Watson Institute’s special education consultants and faculty.

Team meetings help special education staff to work more effectively as a cohesive team. Having a format to follow can promote a productive outcome for team members, especially enabling positive outcomes for their students.

Team Meeting Worksheet: assigns roles to individual team members. The form provides a section for task planning and the ‘responsible team member’ for the task along with a target date of completion.

Team Agenda: this form guides teams to identify positive results in a student’s settings. It helps teams identify challenges for a student and interventions. The form guides the team to the student’s existing IEP. It also provides sections for discussing and brainstorming programmatic challenges and solutions. A follow-up section is also included.

Team Debriefing: this form is for teams to use following a behavior episode that was highly interfering within the school setting. Teams can discuss the triggering event, if a need was unmet, and if the occurrence could have been prevented. Interventions can be discussed with the use of the Positive Behavior Support Plan if part of the IEP.

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