Instruction for Children with Special Needs

Task Analysis: Spelling Practice

My student becomes overwhelmed when it comes time to practice spelling words (we typically write each word 5 times). She often refuses to do the task. If she does attempt to write the words, she may write the words too many or too few times or just get “stuck” on copying words correctly. How can I make this task more manageable and less overwhelming?

Alternative to Missing Recess

I have a student who tends to avoid starting independent work and will put it off even with several prompts. If the student doesn’t finish in the time provided, I ask them to stay in for recess to finish in hopes that this will spur on some productivity. Are there any alternatives to missing recess to help students focus and get to work?

Pairing with Reinforcement

I teach a Life Skills class and was just told that I am getting a new student who reportedly is very difficult to teach. He has bitten and hit his teacher and destroyed his work area at his last school. I am nervous and want to know what activities would be best to have him complete his first day in my classroom.