Instruction for Children with Special Needs

Visual Recipes: A Way to Increase Participation in Cooking Classes

I’m a Middle School FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) teacher and I have a student with special needs in my class of 20 general education students.  She’s not disruptive, but she also doesn’t participate very much.  How can I help her get more out of my cooking classes?

Structured Choice Schedule to Improve Participation

I have a 3rd grade student in my Learning Support class who needs extra help with most academic subjects.  She becomes very resistant when I try to work with her on a one-to-one basis.  If I do get her to work with me, she only lasts a few minutes before she starts asking when we’ll be done or she refuses to work altogether.  How can I get her to focus and work cooperatively?

Task Analysis: Spelling Practice

My student becomes overwhelmed when it comes time to practice spelling words (we typically write each word 5 times). She often refuses to do the task. If she does attempt to write the words, she may write the words too many or too few times or just get “stuck” on copying words correctly. How can I make this task more manageable and less overwhelming?