Instruction for Children with Special Needs

Ticket Out the Door

I am a Learning Support teacher and I am looking for some ideas to share with a Regular Education Science teacher to check if our shared students with disabilities are grasping the key concepts in his class. Sometimes when I review with them they have no idea of what was discussed!

Intervention for Masturbation in School

I am a Learning Support teacher and have a 5th grade student with High Functioning Autism. He has been putting his hands down his pants while in the classroom. It appears that he is masturbating and I am not quite sure how to handle this…any ideas?

Guided Note Taking

I have a student who sits in class and never seems to be paying attention. He doesn’t take notes during the lesson and when test time rolls around; he seems unprepared and ends up doing poorly on the exam. How can I help him follow along with the lesson in class?