Seat Sheet & Collector Cards: Cafeteria

  • Situation

    I have a new student who will not sit in his assigned cafeteria seat. He wanders away and I’m afraid he may leave the cafeteria. What can I do to make him stay where he should and avoid a melt-down.

  • Summary

    Find out his favorite item or character. Create a laminated sheet with the character or item on the sheet. Introduce a behavior story about his situation and the seat sheet. Create “collector” cards with the character/item on each card. Explain in the story that each time he is able to use the seat sheet he can receive a collector card. Slowly increase the number of successful days needed to collect a card.

  • Definition

    A seat sheet is a picture of your student’s favorite item or movie/TV character that is laminated for him/her to sit on in the cafeteria. It is for the child who has a hard time sitting in an assigned seat and remaining there. It can be accompanied by a behavior story and the behavior can then be reinforced with the character/item “collector card” when he/she is successful.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 3-5, 6-10
    • Planning Effort: High
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Pre-requisites

    Ability to attend to a short story, ability to express favorite character or item

  • Process

    1. Create a seat sheet laminated with motivator displayed.

    2. Explain the seat sheet and cards.

    3. Begin the intervention with the child taking the seat sheet with him/her to the cafeteria.

    4. Reward with a collector card of his/her choice if she/he remains in the area.

    5. The seat sheet can be used in other areas of the school i.e. library or gym.

  • Documents and Related Resources

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