Classroom Strategies Using Mini Schedules

Are you looking for special education resources to help your student or child gain more independence as they navigate their day-to-day routines?

Do you create a daily schedule for your student or child with the tasks you expect them to complete that day? If you need additional reinforcement for a particular task or portion of the schedule, you may choose to create a mini-schedule. A mini-schedule is an abbreviated list of tasks within a larger schedule.

For example, if your goal is to help your child get ready for school independently, you may use a mini-schedule in which each step in the morning routine is outlined using either visual representations of each task or written prompts as appropriate for your child.

In this example, the mini-schedule may contain steps such as: brush your teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, get your backpack, put on your coat, etc.

Mini-schedules can be fully customizable and made to fit any situation!

Learn how to use mini-schedules to increase independence and promote on-task behavior.

This resource was authored by Watson Institute Special Education Consultant, Lisa Plastino, M.Ed.


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