Educational Consultant Insights

The Watson Institute’s Educational Consultants offer insights and strategies for families and educators of children with special needs. With decades of experience and expertise in special education, behavioral support and intervention, and resource planning, our Consultants are eager to share their knowledge in support of individuals with special needs.

Below you’ll find a collection of articles featured in industry publications including: Exceptional Parent Magazine, ADDitude Magazine, Abilities, and Today’s Kids in Motion.

Abilities & Today’s Kids in Motion Magazine Articles

Top Tools and Strategies to Provide Sensory Input

Teaching Your Child Volume Moderation

ADDitude Magazine Articles

Could a Behavior Intervention Plan Help Your Student with ADHD

Could Your Child Benefit from a Functional Behavior Assessment

Autism Parenting Magazine Articles

Kickstarting Sex Education for Children with Autism

Exceptional Parent Magazine Articles

How to Create Structure for Children During the Summer

Understanding the Tools of Your Child’s Educational Team

Tips from the Field for Understanding and Discussing Challenging Behaviors

Teaching Children Independent Health Hygiene Routines

Strategies to Prepare Individuals with Disabilities for Employment

Tips to Help Your Child Manage Holiday Stress