Special Education Vocabulary Story: Don’t Eat That

There are a number of high frequency words – known as “core vocabulary” – that are used often in our communications. These are words that arise frequently in day-to-day conversations. 

Try using vocabulary stories to teach common words or phrases, such as “no”, “do not eat” or “do eat”. 

In this vocabulary story, your student should determine what they do or do not eat. Read through the story with your student, modeling the phrases and asking them to repeat the key core vocabulary words. 

Included in this core vocabulary story lesson are suggestions for activities that will reinforce these words by asking the student to indicate what they “do like” and “do not like” or what they “do want” or “do not want”. 

Try using this core vocabulary story and accompanying activities to teach your students how to use “no”, “do not”, and “do eat”. 

The special education resources on this page were authored by Watson Institute’s special education consultant, Katie Bentz, M.Ed.


book do not eat that


do not eat that

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