Seat Sheet and Collector Cards: Church

  • Situation

    My son will not sit when we go to church. He continually tries to crawl under the pew, turns around, and slides up and down the pew. What can we do to make going to church easier…and less distracting for our family and those around us?

  • Summary

    Create a Seat Sheet with a picture of your child’s favorite character pasted on the Seat Sheet via the computer or a cutout picture. Laminate the sheet and explain that this is his Own Seat Sheet. Demonstrate how to sit on it. Next create “collector cards” by gluing pictures of his favorite characters/item on notecards (these can be created on the computer as well) Explain that when church is over and if he stayed on his seat sheet he can have a collector card (you may have a variety of pictures and let him choose from 2).

  • Definition

    A seat sheet is a picture of your child’s favorite item or movie/TV character that is laminated for him/her to sit on in a restaurant or other home/community setting where remaining in an area is an issue. Using the seat sheet and remaining in an area can then be reinforced with the character/item “collector card” when he/she is successful.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 6-10
    • Planning Effort: High
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Pre-requisites

    Ability to understand rewards and expected behavior

  • Process

    1. Identify your child’s favorite character or item.

    2. Create a seat sheet with the favorite item displayed/laminate.

    3. Create collector cards with the motivator.

    4. Review the seat sheet and collector cards.

    5. Begin the intervention with child taking the seat sheet with him/her into church.

    6. Reward with a collector card when your child remains in his seat.

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