Homework Bin: A Labeled Place to Turn In Assignments

  • Situation

    I have a very bright student with Asperger Syndrome included in my general education math class who never turns in his homework.  When I talked with his mother about the situation, she insisted he always completes his homework and puts it in his backpack to bring to school the next day.  Sure enough, when I checked his bag, there was a bunch of homework assignments, completed but never turned in!  He wasn’t able to explain why he never gave me the homework and questioning him just upset him further.  The students know to drop their homework on my desk as they enter the class but I always remind them as they come in anyway.  What can I do to help him remember to give me his completed work?

  • Summary

    Some students with Asperger Syndrome may think that doing the homework is the important part and that turning it in is unnecessary.  Because transitions can be challenging in general, your student may also be a bit overwhelmed with the change of classes and not register your reminders during arrival.  A PUT HOMEWORK HERE  labeled bin provides a visual  prompt to students to place their assignments in the bin.

  • Definition

    A PUT HOMEWORK HERE labeled bin provides a visual reminder – as well as a defined place – for students to turn in their assignments.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 6-10, 11-13, 14-17, 18+
    • Planning Effort: Low
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Pre-requisites

    PUT HOMEWORK HERE sign (see example in Related Resources section below)

  • Process

    1. Label the bin and place it on your desk or on a shelf away from the door to allow for freer flow into the classroom.

    2. Arrange for the student to come to your class a little early and privately show him the bin.  Explain that this is where he – and all students – should put assignments when entering your class.  Talk about the importance of turning in the homework so that you can make sure students master concepts before moving on to the next lesson.  Check for understanding by asking him to tell you where he should put his completed work upon arrival to your classroom and why it’s important to do so.

    3. Ask him to check his backpack and put any completed homework assignments for you class in the bin at that time.

    4. When the rest of the class has settled in, introduce the bin to the group and explain that this is where all of the students should place their homework when they enter your classroom.

    5. Remind students and reinforce them frequently in the early stages of learning your new system.  Gradually fade reminders as students consistently place their homework in the bin.  NOTE:  You may need to continue prompting and reinforcing your student until he masters the skill.

  • Documents and Related Resources



    PUT HOMEWORK HERE label  (Word document)


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