Grocery List Prep Tool

  • Situation

    My son screams in the grocery store and everyone stares. I barely make it through the store, what can I do?

  • Summary

    Locate pictures of items you want to purchase – KEEP IT SHORT– keep the list short until you have had some successes then slowly add more items. Lay the pictures out with paper and “x” in a horizontal list fashion. Ask your child what order to glue the pictures on the “x’s. Once they are on the “list” draw a square next to each one. Have your child choose a favorite pen, crayon, or marker to take. If you have a little clipboard (purchase at any office store); have your son be in charge of checking off each item as you locate it. This list also helps your son have an idea of how long you will be shopping. You can end the list with a favorite item.

  • Definition

    This is a pictorial or word list of grocery items you want to purchase when taking your child to the store. The key is the preparation of the list, the length of the list, and a favorite marker or pen.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 3-5, 6-10
    • Planning Effort: Low
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Pre-requisites

    Understanding of pictures or words

  • Process

    1. Decide on a few items to begin, for your shopping list.

    2. Locate pictures of the items if your child is not reading yet or is a non-reader; write the words on strips if a reader.

    3. Have your child choose the order of items to buy.

    4. Have a visual cue as an “X” to place the picture or word on and glue it to the “list”.

    5. Draw a square next to each word. Have child select a favorite pen, crayon, or marker to take – if you have a clipboard use this as well.

    6. Your child can read from the “list” and tell you what to buy, checking each one off as it is located.

    7. Include a favorite item at the end.

    8. As success builds with each visit – add more items slowly.

  • Documents and Related Resources

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