Attention to Topic Transition

  • Situation

    Sometimes I’m not sure if one of my students is paying attention. What can I do to ensure they are following the topic of the lecture?

  • Summary

    To ensure a student is still attending to a lecture, give a verbal cue when transitioning to a new topic, new part of the lecture, or when you change something on the board by saying the student’s name and others in the class: “Carol, John, everyone – now we want to talk about …..”

  • Definition

    ‘Attention to Topic Transition’ is a verbal cue using a student’s name and the names of several other students whenever the topic is changing, a section of the lecture changes, or a visual on a SmartBoard or screen changes. The ‘Attention to Topic Transition’ can be used to ensure the student will refocus and attend.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 3-5, 6-10, 11-13, 14-17, 18+
    • Planning Effort: Low
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Pre-requisites

    responds to name

  • Process

    • When ready to switch to a new topic, or a new part of the lecture, or when changing something on a screen…

    • Say the name of the student who appears to be off-task, coupled with a few other names to cue them to direct attention to the new topic and or visual.

    • For example say aloud: “Jamal, Joe, everyone; now take a look at this….”

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