Attendance Board

  • Situation

    How can I help students learn their classmate’s names and faces?

  • Summary

    An Attendance Board is a clipboard with laminated photos of students on a grid or with check boxes next to each photo. Students take turns using an Attendance Board to check a present or absent box next to classmates faces and names. Students may begin to associate names with faces given opportunities with this activity.

  • Definition

    An Attendance Board is a mobile board that contains the names and possibly pictures of each student in a classroom along with an area to check off whether each student is present or absent.

  • Quick Facts

    • Child's Age: 3-5, 6-10, 11-13, 14-17
    • Planning Effort: Low
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Pre-requisites

    List of Student names


    Ability to take pictures of students

  • Process

    1. Take photos of students.

    2. Make a grid.

    3. Place names and photos on grid paper.

    4. Laminate and place on clipboard.

    5. Assign the student a classroom job of taking attendance. The student will become more familiar with classmates by repeatedly associating and rehearsing names and faces of their classmates using this visual format.

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