Child Mental Health Resources

On this page, you’ll find links to website and articles sharing child mental health resources such as how to practice mindfulness, links to therapy service providers, as well as guides to help your child cope with anxiety.

*Please note: listed products and websites do not represent an endorsement by the Watson Institute. The Watson Institute does not receive financial or other recognition from developing the suggested list below.

Anxiety Canada – Cognitive Behavioral Training techniques, written information, interactive site for teens/young adults; videos, and tool kits.

HelpGuide – articles and self-help tips to improve mental health and wellness

MentalHelp – a website of resources covering topics such as mental health disorders and issues, information about treatments.

Mindfulness for Kids – YouTube videos, blogs, and resources for kids to teach mindfulness

Therapist Aid – mental health professionals provide evidence-based education and therapy tools created with clients in mind. Downloadable worksheets, interactive activities, systemized tools for many ages.

Counseling Tools – an online counseling resource