Special Education Apps & Technology Resources

Watson’s team of special education experts compiled a list of apps and technology programs to help your child with special needs learn, communicate, and connect with others.

*Please note: listed products and websites do not represent an endorsement by the Watson Institute. The Watson Institute does not receive financial or other recognition from developing the suggested list below.

Good Karma Applications – this site offers apps that include: First/Then visual schedules, My Choice Board, Social Stories, Video Models, and more.

Technology Supports for Students with High-Functioning Autism – this website helps students with high-functioning autism explore technology. The site offers handouts, resources, web links, books, and apps.

Puzzle Piece – with a purchase of a 7″ Fire Tablet with kids-proof case you gain access to 15,000 apps, games, books, videos, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

Education.com – this website covers topics across all age groups. Access games, activities, worksheets, workbooks, articles, excercises, and more. Many free materials and online interactive games across all academic areas.

Scrub Club – interactive games and educational tools for teachers based on hygiene.

PBS Kids – videos, stories and games available for children online. Create a free account for access to professional development, state and national standards, and all subject area activities.

Learning Works for Kids – articles on recent trends, featured games that include student special interest areas; information on topics including executive functioning, thinking skills, and strategies to improve working memory. Includes a feature that assesses your child/student then recommends games and apps available on this site that may be appropriate.