Community Based Instruction

The Watson Institute offers special education programs like Community Based Instruction (CBI) to help children with special needs adapt to real-life experiences. Watson Institute staff contract with local school districts to provide students with meaningful, age-appropriate community opportunities. Our staff focus on generalizing transferable skills initially taught in the classroom to practicing these skills in integrated “real-life” community settings. Community Based Instruction activities can focus upon varying skills, including: functional academics, community awareness, communication, personal management, safety, recreation/leisure, and career/vocational exploration. Watson staff individualize services to meet the needs of the partnering school district, and provide secondary transition consultations.

Community Based Vocational Experiences

Watson Institute staff also partner with community businesses to develop appropriate vocational experiences for youth with special needs. These experiences bring students the opportunity to explore and assess their vocational interests, identify their strengths, and their needs for accommodations and support. These opportunities can lead to extended training and employment opportunities. Watson staff provide direct instruction and support to students on-site, either in an individual or small group setting. Students try out a variety of tasks and learn alongside employees at our partnering businesses.

Read the CBI brochure to learn more about the CBI and CBVE special education programs.

Did you know? The Community Based Instruction program partners with local businesses to provide students with special needs from the Watson Institute and local area school districts to learn lifelong vocational skills.

For more information or to become a Community Based Instruction partner organization, please contact Leslie Corey, CBI Coordinator: [email protected] or 412-749-2881.