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Learning and Information for Families and Educators

A comprehensive, research based resource for families and educators of individuals with disabilities.

About The Watson Institute.

Throughout Watson’s ninety-five year history, we’ve been a refuge to those crippled by polio, served as a research laboratory for Dr. Salk’s vaccine, been hailed as a premier training resource for physical therapists and have provided high-quality rehabilitation to both children and adults. In addition, we’ve become a member of Pennsylvania’s Approved Private Schools, providing education to children with special needs. We operate a preschool program involving children with autism and their typically-developing peers.

We offer inclusive summer camp programs and provide child assessment and therapy for children and adolescents with autism. We also provide educational programming with a partial hospital component to children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances. We’ve given a well-deserved break to families through our CareBreak and respite programs.

With such a wide array of programs and services, it’s no wonder that people still ask: "What is The Watson Institute? What do you do?"

Quite simply, The Watson Institute today is an educational organization, specializing in educating children with special needs, as well as those professionals and pre-professionals who serve children with special needs.

"Ensuring that we provide best practices to all of the children we serve and then sharing that expertise with professionals and pre-professionals is, in short, the Watson Difference."

—Raymond B. White, CEO, The Watson Institute