Wraparound Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Watson Institute strives to provide a full range of special education programs and psychological services to students with special needs – and their families. In the psychological services department, a variety of service options are available – such as wraparound services for children with autism spectrum disorder.

What are wraparound services?

Wraparound services are designed to help children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder or other special needs – such as behavioral or mental health needs – to live and thrive in their communities.

Wrap around services are provided to help children with autism spectrum disorder make gains in social skills and communication through therapeutic interventions, primarily provided in the home but could also be in school or the community. Examples of a wraparound service could include behavior charts that can be used to motivate your child to work towards rewards by practicing appropriate behaviors.

Wrap around services begin with a behavioral health evaluation

Wraparound services may be suggested as a part of a treatment plan by a child’s team of family members and professionals once a behavioral health evaluation has been completed. As assessment will be completed by a psychologist who will then recommend a treatment plan outlining the level of support needed for your child with special needs.

Wrap around services can be provided by a therapeutic support staff (TSS), a mobile therapist (MT) and/or a behavior specialist consultant (BSC) at home, in the child’s school or in the community. The evaluation results will determine the level of support required for the child with autism spectrum disorder by each of the professionals in the support team. The treatment plan will also outline the specific behaviors that should be addressed and will set goals to help the child work towards appropriate behaviors.

How can wraparound services help my child with special needs?

Is your child exhibiting challenging behaviors such as difficulty expressing needs or inappropriate interaction with his/her peers? Children with autism spectrum disorder who require more in-depth support than is provided through outpatient services to address inappropriate behaviors may benefit from wraparound services.

Are you interested in a wraparound behavioral health evaluation for your child with autism spectrum disorder or related special needs? Schedule an appointment today!