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Last Day of School

This is the final teacher tip of the 2015-16 school year.  We hope you have found these tips helpful and will continue to subscribe to Watson’s Teacher Tips, which will resume on September 6 for the 2016-17 school year.  Four things to do today: Create learning centers of fun items in your room – learning […]

More suggestions for summer reading

The First Days of School by Wong & Wong Challenging Behavior in Young Children:  Understanding, Preventing, Responding Effectively by Kaiser & Rasminsky Classroom Instruction that Works:  Research Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement by Marzano, Pickering, Pollock Classroom Management that Works:  Research Based Strategies for Every Teacher by Marzano Enhancing Professional Practice:  A Framework for […]

Alternatives to large group activities

Have options of activities (a “what if schedule”) and back up adults for students who cannot cope with large group acivities such as auditorium or cafeteria shows, programs and demonstrations.  Being proactive can save the day!

Advice from older students

Have your students write a letter to a buddy or upcoming student.  They can give the title “Smart Suggestions” and address it to “Dear Buddy”.  They can write as much or as little as they desire giving suggestions that will help the incoming student in __ grade.  Next year students will find it fun to […]

Summer Reading

Suggested summer reading:  Quit It:  A Teacher’s Guide on Teasing and Bullying for Use with Students in Grades K-3.  Written by Froschi, Spring and Mulin-Rindler .

Setting Goals

Pair with a sending & receiving teacher for this activity.  Have your students write on a notecard:  my goal for next year (or my goal for __ grade) is ________.  Have them place the card in an envelope and address it to themselves.  Don’t have them seal it.  Give the cards to next year’s teacher. […]

Written Daily Schedule

Be sure to provide a written daily schedule on the board or poster board so all can see.  There will most likely be changes as the last week approaches.  Students still need structure and predictability, so even if the schedule changes, the predictability of a visual schedule can help.  Remember how hard change is for […]

Learning Centers

Create and provide the opportunity to utilize a variety of learning centers including:  listening center (recorded books), science center, art center, language arts, library center, computer.  Although they should always be available, having activities available as the end of school approaches can help focus, motivate and calm behaviors. N ote that the centers can have […]

Looking forward to next year

Team up sending and receiving teachers.  Have students write as much or as little as they want the receiving teacher to know about them.  This can include their favorite interests, favorite way of learning, favorite subjects, and dislikes.  If your school has already assigned students, set up “interviews” with students and the receiving teacher.  Each […]