Taking Brain Breaks

Do your students struggle to maintain focus during difficult subjects or longer periods of activity?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, learn about brain breaks and how they benefit your students and help them focus on tasks during the school day.

Taking brain breaks throughout the day can help your students re-energize and re-focus after long periods of activity in the classroom. Typically, brain breaks are something physical that can be done right at each student’s desk.

You can determine how often your students need brain breaks by using the age of your students. Typically, students are able to focus for the length of time that equals their age, plus two minutes. So a group of 12 year olds can sustain focus for 14 minutes. You may choose not to do brain breaks at this interval, but it is a reference to consider.

Brain breaks can be found online and in commercial books. You may also choose to create your own brain breaks or allow your students to brainstorm break activities.

Learn more about brain breaks and check out some examples of them in the YouTube video below and the corresponding special education resource page. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.