Special Education Teacher Strategy – Ticket out the Door

Do you want to be sure your students with special needs are comprehending key concepts from lessons?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson shares the “ticket out the door” strategy for teachers to use to ensure your students are comprehending key concepts and lessons from your classroom each day before they leave your room and/or transition to another class.

Create a “ticket” to use with your students – get as creative as you’d like! You can also laminate the tickets so they can be used more than once.

  1. When the class or lesson is almost over, ask your student to complete their ticket and turn it in before they leave or move on to the next activity.
  2. The student should include his/her name on the ticket along with something they learned from the lesson and/or questions they may have in regards to the lesson.

The “ticket out the door” strategy can help teachers determine comprehension levels of the lessons and activities in which their students are participating. This will help identify any topics or activities that may need further review and/or clarification.

A ticket out the door template is available on the corresponding special education resource page. Check out our YouTube video below to get a look at this document and learn how it can be used with your students. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.