Special Education Strategies to Teach Turn Taking

Does your child or student have difficulty with taking turns during play or in conversation?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson expert share ways to teach your child how to take turns using various techniques and visual supports.

  • Choose an item that can be built upon by more than one child such as a potato head or paper doll; make sure the item is of interest to your child.
  • Set up and arrange the item and its pieces. Start by saying to your child, “your turn…” then say, “my turn…” and continue to delay your response each time. This may encourage the child to verbalize or indicate “my turn” or “your turn”.
  • If you want to add a level of difficulty to this, set up the materials for the item but only give them to one child so the other child has to ask for a turn and communicate that he/she needs an item.

Other options to teach turn taking by using visual supports are outlined in the corresponding special education page as well as in the YouTube video below. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.