Special Education Resources – Social Skills

Encouraging social interactions and developing social skills among students with special needs can be a critical component of a student’s individualized special education goals. In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, read more about how to encourage social interactions among students.

Below are two strategies you can employ in your classroom to encourage social interactions among students with special needs.

Clipboard Survey: Create a clipboard survey with simple questions for a student to ask another student, such as: “What is your favorite snack?” or “What is your favorite shape?”

Encourage your students to ask each of his/her classmates these questions and place their photo next to the appropriate response on their clipboard. This helps to promote easy interactions between classmates that may struggles with socialization otherwise.

Classroom Photo Album: If your students are struggling to learn and remember the names of their classmates, creating a classroom photo album provides a great visual tool for students with special needs to reference. Label each photo with the student’s name so other students may reference this tool.

For more special education resources and classroom tools, visit Watson Life Resources. To learn how to create a Clipboard Survey, check out our YouTube video below.