Special Education Activity: Beginning Scissor Skills

Does your child have difficulty using scissors and become frustrated at school when activities require the use of scissors?

In today’s Teacher Tips newsletter, Watson shares how to help your child with special needs practice their scissor skills and increase their confidence in using scissors! Start by completing a simple activity such as a mural art project.

  1. Begin the mural art project by setting up a surface that is at your child’s waist level. Place a variety of items into a container on that surface that your child can easily cut with one or two snips.
  2. Using a flat surface, stretch a piece of contact paper across it with the sticky side facing out.
  3. As your child snips pieces from each of the items in the container, encourage him/her to stick them to the contact paper, creating a mural.

Completing a task such as the mural will help boost your child’s confidence in their scissor skills. Additionally, some children may benefit from trying different types of scissors such as self-opening scissors or those with a bigger grip, making it easier for your child to hold.

To learn more about helping your child improve their scissor skills, check out our YouTube video below and visit the corresponding special education resource page. For more special education resources, visit Watson Life Resources.