Occupational Therapy Students Receive Training at The Education Center

Students in Duquesne University's OT program visit The Education Center

Occupational Therapy students from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA visit Watson’s Education Center in Sewickley as part of the course requirements for the class, Neurological & Sensory Motor Interventions taught by Professor Jeryl Benson.  The students visit 5 times over the course of a semester and work with students.  Duquesne students Molly Edwards and Lani Zangara appreciate the experience.  Their work with Zak, a student at The Ed Center, involves activities to increase his activity level and help him engage for increasingly longer periods of time.  “He seems happy at the end of our sessions” says Molly.  Dr. Benson has been bringing her students to Watson as part of the class for almost 10 years.  “It is important for the students to experience this type of educational setting to give them an idea of where they would like to work after graduation” said Dr. Benson.  “We love this experience.”