Child Behavioral Health & Neuropsychology Testing

Diagnostic Assessments & Psychological/Neuropsychological Tests for Children

At the Watson Institute, we provide services to children with special needs and a wide variety of diagnoses such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Watson’s behavioral health services include a wide array of diagnostic assessments and testing for children up to the age of 21.

I’ve noticed unusual behaviors in my child. What do I do?

Have you noticed any unusual or troubling behaviors in your child? Is your child not meeting his/her developmental milestones? If you’ve noticed your child exhibiting difficult behaviors, having difficulty dealing with his/her emotions, struggling to make it through the day and/or has challenges in social situations, it may be time to have your child evaluated.

The Watson Institute’s psychological services department provides an array of diagnostic assessments and psychological/neuropsychological testing for children and adolescents. Our licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists will work with you through each step of the evaluation process, providing recommendations for services that may help your child.

What types of mental and behavioral health testing are available at Watson?

The Watson Institute’s team of behavioral and mental health experts provide an array of testing and evaluation services to help diagnose your child’s behaviors.

Diagnostic assessment and psychological/neuropsychological testing include social functioning, attention measures, IQ/cognitive, adaptive functioning, social emotional functioning, personality assessments, memory and learning assessment, and others.

The majority of mental and behavioral health tests and evaluations are covered by insurance with the exception of the academic/learning disability testing.

I’d like to have my child evaluated. What are the next steps?

If you think your child may benefit from being evaluated, make an appointment to meet with a psychologist at the Watson Institute’s Sewickley or Sharpsburg locations. At the initial meeting, your child’s psychologist will review his/her medical history and get background information to determine what type of testing is necessary.

You as the child’s parent or guardian as well as your child’s teachers will be asked to complete assessment scales, recording your child’s behaviors. These scales will be reviewed and used to help with the diagnostic process. Following the diagnostic meeting, your child will undergo the testing and evaluations that were determined at the initial appointment.

My child has a diagnosis – now what?

Once the behavioral health and psychological/neuropsychological testing is completed, you and your child will meet with the psychologist for a feedback session during which the results of the tests and the diagnosis will be shared. At this time, Watson’s psychologists will provide treatment recommendations which may include recommended services to utilize, items to include in your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at school, and may even include a suggestion of medical workups to help your child work towards successful treatment.

Services often recommended may include speech, psychical and occupational therapies, individual and family therapy, and social skills group therapy, to name a few.

If you are interested in having your child tested or have any questions about the evaluation process, request an appointment with a Watson Institute psychologist today!